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My Favorite places around campus

Hello everyone! In today’s entry I want to introduce you to my favorite places (cafe, restaurants, etc) around Tokyo Tech Okayama Campus surroundings. We can find a lot of interesting places around our campus. For example, we have a lot of restaurants with different type of food (Indian food, Thai food, Chinese food, etc) and also a lot of cafes (excelsior, shiru cafe, etc). Among all of these great places I would like to share with you guys my top favorite ones.

The first one I want to talk about is Shiru Cafe. This cafe is just about 1 min walking from the main entrance of the Campus. It is a really comfortable place with a really nice staff (that can also speak fluently in English) that you can talk to and the best part of all is that you can get a free beverage every hour and a half by just using the shiru cafe app and showing your student ID. It is a really nice space where you can spend your time studying or making some new friends. If you haven’t gone yet, I strongly recommend you give it a shot! :)

Another place that may not be that close from Okayama Campus is a karaoke called Halong Salon. This karaoke is actually located in Jiyuugaoka (which is around 15 to 20 mins walking from Okayama Campus or about 5 mins by train). The price is really affordable compared to other karaokes.

And they have a drink bar with ice cream included! If you enjoy singing and ice cream this is definitely a place you should try!

Another place in jiyuugaoka that I would like to share is a burger restaurant called “jiyuugaoka burger”. This restaurant has by far the best burgers I have ever tasted! In addition to having a great tasteful hamburger, they also have an impressive fancy environment! The price is a little bit expensive but trust me, it's worth it. Be sure to make a reservation beforehand or go early since it gets full quite fast.

Last but not least, I want to share this amazing Mexican restaurant called “Burritos”. I am from Latinamerican so I really enjoy this kind of cuisine. Besides, let’s just face it, Mexican food is one of the best in the world. If you have not tried Mexican food before, or even if you have, this restaurant is a must-try place. It is really near Campus' Main entrance (about 3 mins) and the price is moderately cheap. One of the drawbacks is that there is almost no space to eat inside, so it is preferable to just order for take out.

I still have more favorite places to share but if I keep writing them, this post will become annoyingly long so I will stop here for now. I hope you guys can visit these places if you have the opportunity and can enjoy them. Please let us know your favorite places in the comment section! :)



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